05 Jan 2022

20 Year Anniversary ERSA Pro Tour Stringer Certification

The ERSA started the Pro Tour Stringer certification 20 years to increase the quality of stringing at tournaments. We have certified tournament stringers stringing in major tournaments on every continent. Today over 125 world class stringers have achieved this level. We have trained over 2,500 stringers around the world from beginner to some of th .. More

01 May 2022

ERSA Master Pro Tour Stringer

Congratulatioons to Giancarlo Sparla on reaching the highest level in ERSA, Master Pro Tour Stringer. Giancarlo has an amazing resume stringing and working in the industry. He is co-owner of RacketPedia and their new stringing software. To reach this honor you have to pass each level from Professional Stringer to Master Professional Stringer and th .. More

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