ERSA Symposium 2022 Greece    

Date: 09 Jun 2022

The 2022 Symposium will be the first live Symposium since the Pandemic will take place in Greece October 7-10. In 2021 we organized our first Virtual Symposium. The 2022 version will be our first Hybrid Symposium, which will be live, online live and stored on the Cloud for later viewing. Pre-Registra????on available as reserved deluxe rooms are limited. Including 2 coffee breaks a day, breakfast and dinner. Single Room with Breakfast and Dinner Buffet - 90€ per night Double Room with Breakfast and Dinnet Buffet - 130€ per night Symposium Prices - Full Members -, non-members 115€ Virtual Symposium - Free to members non-members 49€

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